UC Berkeley EECS Research

A list of Machine Learning research projects created during my Master's program at UC Berkeley. Crowdfunding Analysis

An analysis of's crowdfunding distribution, it's affects and exploration of spillover effects, bias in lending as well as predicting loan acceptance rates.

Awaaz - Machine Learning for Speech Impediment Detection

NSF I-Corps Bootcamp Inductee - Detecting and Tracking Speech Impediments such as stutter and aphasia

Karana Health ID - An offline first electronic health record (EHR) system for refugees.

Smart health tracking for refugees - built during Stanford's Health++ Hackathon 2019


React SSR app that detects sentiment of Github open source communities. Feature wise sentiment scoring and toxicity detection using tensorflow.js.

Mumbai Amber Alert

An missing person alert built on Facebook Messenger. Winner of the Facebook Bots for Good Hackathon and member of the global FbStart program.

Aspect Based Sentiment Analysis

Analyzing variation in sentiments in a single movie review.

Railway Time Series Analysis and Clustering using Python Pandas

Analyzing over 28k rows of railway traffic density.

VoicePass - Passwords as a Service

Generating passwords using voice fingerprinting.

Uber Mumbai OB Projects

I developed and deployed a real time multi-queue customer support system, and multiple internal tools.

ELK Stack with Docker and Rails

Deployed Docker containers for the ELK stack for Rails log analysis on AWS Lightsail.

Heroku-Flock Integration

Creating Heroku pipeline deployments using Flock Chatbots.

Comparison of SQL and NoSQL databases in distributed setups.

I compared the performance of PostgreSQL vs MongoDB in master-slave configurations.

Sentence Detection using Apache OpenNLP and jRuby

I dabbled with jRuby and wrote Ruby code to run a JVM library!

Audiobook Generation

Won a hackathon for an app that converts typed notes to audio notes.

Unity 5 Games

I became familiar with Unity 5 by making a couple of games.